Voting Yes on 7E this Election Day will help protect the future of our region 

✓ Supporting family FARMS and our agricultural economy

✓ Providing WATER storage and resources now and in the future

✓ Protecting and maintaining our rural way of LIFE

Click here   to learn how voting Yes on 7E will support our region's family farms and agricultural economy. Put some local produce on your table and Vote Yes on 7E.

Click here to learn how voting Yes on 7E will support our region's family farms and agricultural economy. Put some local produce on your table and Vote Yes on 7E.

Access to reliable water supplies and the ability to store our water for future use is critical to the Weld, Adams and Morgan County region served by Central Colorado Water Conservancy District and its Groundwater Management Subdistrict. Central is focused on developing water supplies to meet regional water demands now and in the future.  

Voting YES on Issue 7E will help ensure access to a reliable water supply. This is critical to our farmers and ranchers, especially the family farms that have contributed to the heritage and character of this region. 

More than $1.5 billion of agricultural products are produced in Weld County alone, and thousands of jobs are tied to the region’s ag economy in Adams, Morgan and Weld counties. Issue 7E is vital to maintaining our rural way of life to continue to provide locally grown vegetables and the crops that support the area’s beef, dairy and poultry operations.

Issue 7E: Protecting Our Region’s Future

Voting YES on Issue 7E will let Central Colorado Water Conservancy District and its Groundwater Management Subdistrict develop adequate water supplies to mitigate the impact of continued farm dry-ups by Front Range water entities. 


The projects to be funded by passage of 7E are necessary because of the shift in water needs and future growth in the region and state. The Colorado Water Plan estimates that 267,000 acres of irrigated farm ground downstream of Denver will be sacrificed by 2050 because of projected growth. Family farms along the South Platte River will be threatened in the future if additional water storage is not developed and if additional water rights are not secured.

Passage of Issue 7E will enable the District to develop additional water storage reservoirs and replenish groundwater aquifers in Weld, Adams and Morgan counties. Having well-maintained infrastructure that can effectively capture water for storage will improve the District’s overall water yield. Issue 7E will allow the District to make use of available South Platte River water otherwise destined for the Colorado-Nebraska state line.

Issue 7E protects access to water, thousands of jobs and our available local food supply.  A vibrant agricultural economy translates into a healthy overall community. Irrigated farms, ranches and water storage reservoirs provide many benefits to local wildlife and the environment. 

Issue 7E: An Investment in our Future

If passed, Issue 7E will allow the Central Colorado Water Conservancy District’s Groundwater Management Subdistrict to issue $48.7 million in bonds, primarily focused on three projects. 

Central uses the bonding directly on water projects and to leverage state and federal grants to reduce the cost of building water storage to the benefit of our region. Furthermore, none of the bonding funds will go to District administration and salaries. 

The tax impact of Issue 7E will be about $8.00 per year for a home valued at $200,000. For seniors who benefit from the Homestead Exemption, the tax impact is even lower.


Issue 7E Projects:

  • Construct the Robert W. Walker Recharge Project at the Weld and Morgan county lines. It will divert water from the South Platte River to groundwater recharge basins to help safeguard against devastating drought. Importantly, bond proceeds that would finance this $15 million project would leverage $1.5 million in state and federal funds already awarded toward the effort.

  • Construct 5,000 acre-feet of additional reservoir storage in the Fort Lupton and Greeley-Kersey areas. This improvement to our infrastructure would increase the district’s storage capacity 25 percent.

  • Purchase senior water rights as they become available, including water currently being leased by the district, to keep that water in our communities for use by local farms and businesses for years to come.

Let’s Work Together to Pass Issue 7E

The Yes for Water campaign is asking for support from community members, business owners, elected officials, community organizations and nonprofits to ensure the passage of Issue 7E.

There are many ways for community members to support Issue 7E and the Yes for Water campaign:

  • Make a contribution to the campaign by mailing a check to Yes for Water, PO Box 417, LaSalle, CO 80645.

  • Fill out the online endorsement form to add your name to the campaign’s supporters. Ask your family members, neighbors and co-workers to support Yes for Water by signing the endorsement. And don’t forget to check the box and add your contact information to volunteer.

  • Talk to your friends, neighbors and co-workers about Issue 7E by using the campaign’s fact sheet.

  • Write a letter to the editor to one of our local newspapers. Here are some quick links to send a letter to the editor:

Tips for a successful Letter to the Editor:

  • Focus your letter–Shorter is better and generally 200 words are recommended.

  • Follow the newspaper’s guidelines.

  • Open with a strong statement, and be sure to place the most important information at the beginning. Often, letters are edited to fit the space available—most often they are cut from the bottom up.

  • Use a personal story or illustration to make your point.

  • Tie your letter to recent news article or a prior letter to the editor, and, if you do so, reference the title and date of the article in your letter. If you are referring to a newspaper article, send your letter as soon as possible after an article has been published in the paper.

  • In your signature line include your name, daytime and evening telephone numbers, email address, and mailing address so the paper can verify that you wrote the letter. Some editors may write or call to confirm your information. Only your name and city will be published.


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